Regular #CloudflareAccess experience for #CloudflarePages

I recently set up Cloudflare Pages to deploy a Create React App front-end from Github.

Can I use Cloudflare Access for the production environment? If not today, is it on the roadmap?

Cloudflare Access for preview environments currently involves copying a code sent via email and pasting it into a text box. Is there any way to configure it to behave like Cloudflare Access does when it’s in front of other services, simply requiring Identity Provider (IdP) authentication? (Okta in my case.)

I may have fixed the One Time Password (OTP) code via email by going to and deleting OTP as an option (leaving only Okta). For anyone who is still trying to get the hang of #CloudflareAccess like me, note that this is a different interface than the Teams interface.

Browsing around I found an assertion that they do work together:

But I having read those links I don’t feel like I understand how they work together.

suggested using a custom domain, so I’m trying that now.

Progress so far:

Remaining problem:

  • I can’t figure out how to control access to or stop deploying the production branch to it. I can’t find a button like the one for Workers to stop publishing to the default .dev URL

Hi @christophercovington,

If you go to the pages project settings, there’s an option to restrict access to the previews with Access.

Documented here:

solved the last piece :slight_smile: :tada: