Registry status: Client hold

Registry status: Client hold

I am trying to migrate/transfer my site/domain from squarespace to cloudflare. I turned the lock off in squarespace. I then cancelled autorenew on my subscription. Afterwards I requested the authorization code. Squarespace sent the code to my email. I go to try and add it into the transfers section in cloudflare and to my dismay it says: Registry status: Client hold

How do I remove this client hold status? I followed all of the instructions in the cloudflare documentation and researched this for over an hour. I guess no one has publicized any reflection of this issue between squarespace and cloudflare before.

I appreciate any assistance.


Hi your registrar is where you go for icann issues. In this case, has the domain expired (as of 4/17)? If so, you need to renew it at squarespace prior to being able to transfer it.

Yes the domain is now expired. Is there a way that I can “wait it out”? I don’t want to pay for renewal. I didn’t know this was going to be an obstable like this.

I appreciate you getting back to me.

You cannot transfer it out to another registrar until the it passes the current registrars’ renewal period.

You could try, but there is a risk that it will go on to the market & be sold before you can re-purchase it at a different registrar.

The only sure bet is to renew it and then transfer. That stinks, especially if the current registrar charges really lofty rates. If it were me and I was making money from or deeply invested in the domain, I’d pay for the renewal, consider myself lucky I kept a domain I wanted and transfer it asap to cf registrar where you’ll only ever pay what we pay for a domain (no markup).

Good luck & let us know how it works out. Sorry you’re in this situation.

I’m not making money at the moment, but my business should really value from this. I appreciate your advice. It’s unfortunate, but I will go ahead and renew it for a month and hopefully complete this process. I’ll post in here if I run into any more issues.

Thank you again for the advice.

If they have a month option, that is great, I suspect they’ll want an annual fee. Let us know if the month works out as that is something I was unaware of and good to know.

Looks like I had to renew my subscription for $25 for 1 month as my basic plan, then an additional $20 for the annual domain renewal. It is what it is, I am just hoping that I can get through this process as easy as possible.

I just checked back into my Cloudflare console and it still says it’s on hold. How long until this status goes away? I also wonder if I can use the same transfer code I received from Squarespace a few weeks ago?

I suspect you’ll need to generate a new one

Ouch, sorry for that.

I imagine it will be like that for 4 or 5 days until the change go through, work checking from time to time (using whois if you know that command) to see when the hold is lifted. You can also ask squarespace how long that usually takes.

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