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I see that a related question has come up before; Cloudflare users are attempting to request new domains, but are having to go to external registrars because the domains are “registry premium” in price.

For instance,
Error while registering an available domain - #3 by domjh and
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My question is related but marginally distant. I’m trying to get a .tv domain which initially carries a registry-premium price (in the $275-300 range in the first year, from what Porkbun and Namesilo are telling me) but renews at the normal price. I could grab the name at Namesilo (arbitrarily, because they support Paymentwall which supports a few country-specific payment methods I’d like) but will I be able to move the name to Cloudflare after the initial sixty-day transfer “hold” on a new domain expires?

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Thank you for your interest in our Registrar, this is Gloria with the Support team.
As you probably noticed from the posts, currently, Premium domains are not supported, but from the info you’ve provided, it appears that the premium status for your domain could change. I will have to check with our Registrar team and update you here.

@carlb I spoke with our Engineering team about this concern, in general, if the registry will indicates that this is a premium domain, I am afraid that we cannot transfer. I would recommend checking with the current registrar what exactly means normal price, and if they confirm that it will be a non-premium. Still we cannot guarantee at this time, we will be able to tell when we will have the transfer request and check the domain. Sorry we cannot provide more information now. Thank you.

I’ve looked a bit further into this and it doesn’t look good.

On my existing .tv registrar, if I pick a new three-letter .TV that doesn’t already exist they’re asking “ Premium $302.50 Renewal: $29.50” but if I pick something four-letter they ask “ $26.99 Renewal: $26.99”.

The renewal and transfer pricing is almost the same for the three-letter .TV and for the regular .TV but is just off by enough to not qualify as renewal at normal price. Any attempt to renew displays all sorts of “premium” flags and disclaimers on the existing registrar’s site.

That means that it joins the pile of at least seventeen other domains which I can’t transfer to Cloudflare because they’re IDN or are in weird country codes such as .ws or .ca; just for a $2.50 registry premium on a renewal/transfer of an existing three-letter domain.

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