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I’m trying to implement CloudFlare in my domain. In the update Registrar step, when I try to replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers, my Registrar in Brazil ( show me the error “Pesquisa Recusada” = “Search Refused”

What I need to do ?
Someone can help me ?


And where did you take these nameservers from? They currently do not advertise your domain.

In CloudFlare Startup Wizard. I Create the domain, CloudFLare show me the current entries on my DNS and when I click in continue, the CloudFlare guided me to replace my current Servers with CloudFlare Name Servers. I attach the image of this screen:

In that case it might be the same issue at not accepting Cloudflare nameservers and I would also suggest to contact support. They should be able to clarify what the issue is.

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