Registration process

Hi guys. I want to register my domain in company A (dom registrar).
Then I would like to know how should be the sequence of steps to add my domain to Cloudflare if I want to have webhost in company B.

First, I change nameservers in (A dom registar) to Cloudflare and then I change “A record” in Cloudflare account to WebHost comp B. or…

first, I need to find webhost, change my nameservers to that webhost and then from their dashboard again change my nameservers to Cloudflare? Is it correct?

Also, if I want to have an email host by comp C, in which step this should be done?

And what about the DNSSEC option in my dom registrar which is turned off?

To be not confused, shortly my question is: How should be the technical steps or order if:

  1. I want to register a domain in comp A,

  2. then have WebHost in comp B,

  3. then have email host in comp C

  4. and then add my website to Cloudflare

Add your website to CloudFlare and change the domain’s nameservers to the ones provided by CloudFlare. You can do that through your registrar’s dashboard. Then never change the nameservers again, unless you don’t want to use CloudFlare anymore.

Find out the IP address of the server where your website is hosted at company B, and through CloudFlare’s dashboard add that IP address as an A record for your root domain. Then add a CNAME record for your “www” subdomain pointing to the root domain. You can also do the same for other subdomains if you have any.

Find out what are the mail servers of company C, and add them as MX records through CloudFlare’s dashboard. You may also need to add TXT records for SPF, DKIM and DMARC, as described by company C.

Keep DNSSEC off at this point, it’s not worth it for regular websites, especially if you don’t know much about DNS.

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