Registration information isn't being updated

Registration information isn’t being updated the email that’s supposed to be sent to the old one is not being received. I even looked in spam

This is still going on support is not helping. its been way too long I need someone to do somthing about this

All we can do for Registrar issues is escalate them to support, if you already have a ticket and are receiving replies then you will need to continue the conversation there.

That’s the issue support is so bloody slow it makes me want to tear my hair out. This is going on 25 days with no resolution. The last reply to my support ticket was 13 days ago. This is a high priority issue that needs fixing now not something that can sit on the back burner for God knows how long

Hi there,

Your ticket was escalated to the appropriate teams that are investigating a resolution for this for you. The ticket will be updated when those teams provide us with an update we can share. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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