Registration failed

I recently purchased a domain from Cloudflare. It didn’t appear that I had any issues until I went into my dashboard and then to “Manage Domains”. From the mail “Manage Domains” dashboard, I see the new domain listed, but under “Status”, it states: “Registration failed”. If I select “Manage”, I see this: " You have unverified Contacts."If I then select “View Contacts” all I see is: “No whois information is currently available.”

I am not sure what I need to do to correct this. It appears it is related to the unverified contacts message, but I don’t see a way to verify the domain contacts.

Is there a field where you can enter Whois contact info, Id start there to see if the issue gets resolved

Unfortunately not… I am assuming that is the issue, but I don’t see a way to add any contact info to clear the error.

Thanks for letting us know about this on your ticket. Sorry for the trouble. I’ve posted a reply there.

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