Registrar's landing page still showing after using Cloudflare Pages

I’m new to web hosting/DNS and the like, and do not know enough to troubleshoot or Google. I’ve registered a domain houtenramenopmaat[dot]be, and I’ve changed the nameservers on the platform of my registrar One (which automatically turns off DNSSEC, so I’ve activated DNSSEC via Cloudflare). I’ve got confirmation of the change, but after more than 24 hours, the old landing page still shows up. I see A records were added and proxied, and 've set SSL/TLS to Full Strict which threw an error so reverted back to Flexible. It’s supposed to show a static page (via Github, see hrombe[dot]pages[dot]dev) without it having any subdomains.

Those A records are for your registrar’s parking page. They are probably the old records that were automatically imported when you added the domain to Cloudflare.

Delete them. Then, when you add a custom domain to your Pages project, new DNS records will be created for you automatically.


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