Registrar: want to buy a new domain name



I want to buy a new domain name and I was wondering if Cloudflare offers this or only transferring domains?

If only transferring, should I pay another registrar for the new domain and Cloudflare for the transfer?

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Only transferring for now. If you buy elsewhere, note that for the first 60 days you cannot transfer your new domain to CF (those are ICANN’s rules)

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Ah, thank you, and after 60 days I need to pay again for the transfer?



Every time you transfer a domain (not only to Cloudfare), you also pay to extend the expiry time by 1 year. You don’t pay for the transfer itself. And no, you can’t transfer without extending the expiry date. ICANN rules again.

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Is there any ETA to release buying option directly from Cloudflare? I don’t want to wait 60 days for a new domain I want to buy, if this feature is going to be released before 60 days I think I’ll just wait.

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That is a question for @SamRhea. Would be interested to know it myself.



Dont fell bad about my anc
Cloudflare is good hosting provider and any one are looking for domain name can duy from some one there are few domain name providers who provide low cost lick. It think it not so nesery that the service provider must provide every thing specialisation is also very important and Cloudflare is good at hosting

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Hey @shimi - i think it would make sense if you reflect that on your page.

It specifically references registration and renewal.

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Hi @bashar.makhay,

It’s not my page as I don’t work for Cloudflare.

Maybe @SamRhea can do that… I did notice that there’s only a Transfer button (and no Register/Search for domain), and it was enough for me… .



I’m also interested in knowing when we can begin purchasing new domains directly on cloudflare.

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