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Hi! I joined Cloudflare a year ago to resolve the issue of needing the SSL certificate I couldn’t afford on top of my usual website costs. My registrar since the site launched in 2006 has been Easyspace, who explained to me (during an unrelated query) that they are my registrar but they can see I’ve now switched to Cloudflare. My tech know-how is alarmingly limited (hence the lack of terminology) but does this mean I’m paying them for a job Cloudflare is now doing for nothing? I thought Cloudflare’s only role was the SSL, but have I missed something? Easyspace were supposed to call me back about this, but before I chase them up I wonder if anyone here can put me straight? I’d appreciate it. Many thanks.

Cloudflare most definitely isn’t your registrar. Cloudflare doesn’t yet handle anything in the .uk TLD space. Right now, all Cloudflare does for you is host DNS and proxy the traffic to your web server.

Thanks sdayman. Forgive me, but I don’t know what a TLD space is or what DNS means. Is my webserver Easyspace? I have a thing with them called Linux Gold and I don’t know what that is either (it’s not for want of looking it up, but explanations tend to assume a working knowledge). I built the existing site myself using dummies’ software but I honestly know nothing about it except the problems I’ve had to fix along the way! It was set up by a webguy who bought these various packages on my behalf.

Cloudflare can’t register .uk domains. Websites have three components:

  1. The domain name – Registered somewhere at a Registrar
  2. The website – Hosted at a web host. Some web hosts are also Registrars.
  3. DNS – The address book that contains the “phone number” (IP address) for your website. This is usually handled by your web host.

Cloudflare sits between #2 and #3. And becomes #3. Cloudflare will contain the IP address of your website, but route visitors through Cloudflare before they get to your website. Cloudflare blocks bad traffic and speeds up good traffic to your website.

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