Registrar unknown

On my Overview page, under Domain Registration it says “Registrar Unknown”. My registrar is Namesco Ltd at Is there some reason CF does not recognise this registrar? And when I click on “Manage domain”, it says “not on Cloudflare”. What is not on CF? The wording seems to be saying that my domain quoted is not on CF which is very disconcerting. What is going on?

There can be plenty of reasons why Cloudflare does not recognise your registrar, but that is not too much of an issue.

As for why it says it is not on Cloudflare, that refers to the registrar and Cloudflare is not your registrar.

OK, that’s good to know. How about you change the wording to make it unambiguous?

I guess it would be reason for concern if I could change that :wink: