Registrar Unknown - Donuts-GoDaddy

I have a .systems domain that was registered with GoDaddy. I would like to transfer it to CloudFlare, but there is no option to transfer since CloudFlare is not recognizing the registrar. On my Cloudflare overview panel, under Domain Registration it says:

Registrar:Unknown (Donuts-Godaddy-146)

With no option to transfer.

On this list of supported Cloudflare TLDs, it states that .system is supported:

I’m wondering if anyone has seen something like this before. I would assume the registrar for .system domains would normally say the registrar is Donuts instead of Donuts-GoDaddy. Is this domain locked to GoDaddy or will I eventually be able to transfer it to CloudFlare. Right now there is no option to transfer since it is stating that Donuts-GoDaddy is a unknown.

Thanks for any insights,

When you go to your domain is not listed as available for transfer?

Which domain is it?

It is not showing up there. But checking on the domain, I don’t believe I have had it long enough to allow transfer. I know that Donuts is responsible for the .systems tld, but it is showing up as Donuts-Godaddy-146 and registrar unknown in the dashboard overview. I am just curious if this will alway be unknown to CloudFlare as I would like to get a few more .systems domains for using with servers, but I won’t do it unless I know I can transfer the domain to CloudFlare (.systems domains appear to be pretty pricey unless I can get a better price through CloudFlare after transfer).

Thanks for your help on this. I just was not sure what was meant by registrar unknown in the dashboard, and if it will always be unknown since somehow it shows Donuts-Godaddy instead of just Donuts.

That certainly is a possibility.