Registrar Transfer Out UI Bug


Hello Cloudflare and Community,

I’m currently transferring out a handful of domains currently registered with Cloudflare and have noticed a Bug. (Also only transferring out because our company sold the domains :slight_smile: )

The first problem is that the modal that pops up after the transfer goes through does not appear until after you’ve navigated away from that domain.

Second, after you fill out the information in that modal with your reason for transferring, the Domain Registration heading disappears from the Overview page, and will no longer show up on any domain that you navigate to, until you refresh the page.

I’ve attached a gif showing these issues and the steps to recreate. I’ve tested both Chrome and Firefox, and both show the same behavior.

The workaround for now has just been to refresh the page after every transfer out. Given that I have 20 to do it’s a bit of a pain :slight_smile:

EDIT: One more additional detail, the “Transfer out Complete” modal doesn’t appear unless you navigate to another domain that is also has “Transfer Out of Cloudflare, Accept/Reject” under Domain Registration.


Let’s tag @SamRhea here, only he can help. Maybe @cloonan.


That is definitely an odd bug; thanks for reporting it - we’ll get it fixed.

Just curious - what led you to transfer out elsewhere?


Hey @SamRhea, As mentioned in my post, Our company sold a portion of our business, and unfortunately that included some domains that went along with that business. Hoping to add all the rest of my companies domains to Cloudflare when .ca TLD support is added :slight_smile:

Also while doing this transfer, I noticed that the Registrar is listed as “Unknown (Verisign-292)” which according to this document put out by the IANA should be “MarkMonitor Inc”


This one not terribly important, but if you already have the registrar ID it should be pretty easy to do a lookup!