Registrar transfer improssible to use with large amount of domains

In the image below, you will see that I have nearly 300 domains in my account that are eligable for transfer to Cloudflare. This is right, however it seems the registrar dashboard is unable to handle this many, for whatever reason.

As you can see, the domains are initially listed in reverse alphabetical order, which is not very useful, and then it seems to load the registration and expiry dates after the fact. However, it never completes and the domains are stuck like this. I’m unable to actually transfer in the domains that I want to, because I cannot select them (plus this 10 domain pagination is incredibly frustrating).

Dear Cloudflare, please make the registrar interface fast and more friendly for those of us with larger amounts of domains. I have far more that I will be moving over too, eventually (when this gets fixed?)

edit: after waiting for ~20 mins and re-visiting the page, the data is loaded correctly and I can proceed. That’s OK but not a great experience. Thanks!


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