Registrar transfer from Enom

Trying to transfer a bunch of sites from Enom. We had the lock on but removed them about 4 days ago when we got a message from CloudFlare the lock was on. We just got another message saying the same thing. There is no lock… Says to try a cancel and retry in Cloudflare but when we click cancel nothing happens.

Hi, are you still having issues with this @r.mccabe? I’ve seen a couple of instances in the past week that are similar to what you’ve described. If there are no icann hold issues (visible via a whois), DNSSEC issues, or privacy protection locks on the domain that may be causing an issue you should probably let Customer Support know.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Once you have a ticket number if you can share that here, I’d like to keep track of progress. Sorry for the troubles.

Hello, yes still having issues. I tried to contact them when I posted here but the support option gave me a standard message about them being busy and would not go to next so I gave up. It did work yesterday though so I sent them a message.

We shall see. I need to make some DNS changes and cant even do it at Enom at the moment.

Thank you again.

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