Registrar > Transfer Domains - timeout / 504

When I click to transfer domains ( ), it initially shows You currently have no domains available for transfer to Cloudflare. - it then eventually shows a red error bannor on screen with error 504.

Some context: I have a large number of domains in my account and experience issues often seemingly because of this.

I have captured an HAR file, but unsure how to attach this securely as it contains sensitive information ( my domains )

This is a known issue. You can still initiate a transfer for individual domains from their respective Overview page.

Out of curiosity, how many domains do you have in your account?

I can, but actually I want to know which domains to transfer next (i.e. sort by expiration date), plus going through the steps, domain by domain is a little tedious, would be good if they enabled this via the API. I’m sure I remember there being an API function for this before.

I have ~750 websites in my account, ~450 have been transferred.

There will eventually be ~1500 domains in there, although this “issue” of doing certain things and these huge delays/failures loading domain lists is somewhat offputting

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