Registrar TLDs available soon changed without info

Hi all, I have been waiting for 2nd of November to transfer my .club domain to Cloudflare, their site said that .club will be available for transfer on 2nd, but what happened on 2nd of November they just changed the site and now .club domain is under " TLDs Available soon" and there’s no info when it will be available.

I find this really bad comunication by them, we’r they just remove something as they pprobably can’t deliver on time, now since I do not know when .club domain will be available I might need to rethink my migration to CF.

Does anyone have any experiences or info regarding this?

Far as I am aware they are extremely behind on enabling new TLDs (I’ve been waiting on one that should have been available on 19th Oct but still isn’t)
If you’re going to lose the domain if you don’t renew I would renew with your current registrar to be safe, otherwise it’s a matter of waiting it out.

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Is there a way for us to request TLDs or submit interest? I have a .vc domain I want to transfer to Cloudflare but it is not on the current list; it would be great to let Cloudflare know so it can affect their prioritization.

It’s been more than 1 years since .club TLD is listed in “TLDs Available soon” but it’s still not available.

Is there any ETA on the addition of the “TLDs Available soon” TLDs?

I decided to give up on waiting and just got a new TLD, this waiting period does not make sense, if domains that will be available soon are going with this speed I’m worried about others xD