Registrar support options for free plans?

With the support for .uk domains I had decided to transfer all our domains to Cloudflare.

When I started the transfer process, I found a couple of our domains not listed as available in ‘Select Domains’ despite them existing as sites (the sites were setup long ago). I then discovered that as a free plan user, my only support option was here.

Now I understand that Cloudflare is not making any money from this. Equally, I doubt they are doing this out of charity. I assume the motivation is that it will encourage domain users to purchase future services from Cloudflare and it will also hit their competitors. I understand support costs money and I presume I could move to a paid plan for a month to get a technical issue resolved. Equally, I would currently have to do this for more than one domain and I sort of resent paying for support for something that is clearly a fault at the Cloudflare end.

I have no experience of the Cloudflare community. Is this the sort of thing that can get resolved here bearing in mind it is likely that it is an error on the Cloudflare system? Am I being stupid considering transferring domains to Cloudflare on a free plan with no support?

Hi @user2270,

Just to check a couple of common causes, has it been more than 60 days since your last transfer/renewal of these domains? Also, have they ever been counted as ‘premium’ domains and charged at a different price, wither for initial registration or renewal?

The way it generally works here is that other users will help with any troubleshooting that can be done here. If we determine that it needs further investigation on Cloudflaree’s side, MVPs can escalate issues to be addressed by the support team regardless of the plan level you are on.

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Thanks for the response. You are quite correct, the domains have been renewed less than 60 days ago so that solves that problem.

Thanks for explaining how the support in the Community works. Am I correct in believing that I could also put a domain in a paid plan for a month if I wanted ‘paid’ support for a one off technical issue?

That should work, just be aware that you would need to upgrade before opening the ticket. Upgrading after a ticket has been auto-closed won’t help.

For most issues, it shouldn’t be needed as we can escalate issues that we can’t solve here.

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Thanks domjh, it has reassured me about moving our domains to Cloudflare.

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