Registrar: Support for IDN domains

Hi all,

Currently, it is possible to add IDN domains for DNS. However, IDN domains cannot be registered under CloudFlare Registrar.

My IDN domains are spread across various registrars. I would see value in consolidating them to CloudFlare, which I already use for DNS and other purposes. As such, I wonder how big of a challenge it would be to support IDN domains under the current TLDs on CloudFlare Registrar? As a programmer, I wonder if this is just an edge-case which haven’t been thought of, or whether it is an actual technical limitation.

Thanks for the interest in IDNs. There are no real technical limitations and we do have plans to support them in the near future. While the implementation is pretty straight forward, the language tables can vary from TLD to TLD. In other cases, such as with Chinese, we may also have to take into account domain bundling and character variances, which may require some updates to the current registrar model. Look for an update in Q4 this year.


I’ve added an IDN to my CloudFlare account (环法视野.com) but the registrar option is missing from the DNS overview and the domain is not listed (in supported or unsupported sections) on the registrar transfer page.

Please add support for IDNs to CloudFlare registrar.

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