Registrar status won't update

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i’m new to the Cloudflare topic, and i opened my account on thursday, my host changed the DNS settings on friday morning, i activated the Cloudflare “Check” and now i’m waiting since yesterday morning, on the site it says it may take up to 24h. I’m now here with nearly 30+ hours. The problem is my site is under an bot attack and i need this service asap. Is there normally some delay over the weekend?


You did not change nameservers, you only set two NS entries at your host. You need to properly change your nameservers at your registrar.

ok, thank you, unfortunatley i can’t change it by myself, my host has to do it.

In that case contact your host and tell them to change the nameservers. As a host they should know that settings NS entries is somewhat pointless, I am afraid.

You can also provide them with this screenshot, which shows the current nameservers.


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i did, and they told me they switched everything acordingly on thursday.

Afraid, they did not.

uargh. ok so i’ll have to wait until tuesday. But neverless, thank you for your fast and really helpfull support :slight_smile:

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