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I have created an online course

LSAT Express (LSAT Express)

through a company called Thinkfic

Create, Market & Sell with the #1 Online Course Platform: Thinkific (

and I’d like to create a free email sign-up form and/or pop-up for my new course in order to collect people’s email addresses. Once I have people’s email addresses, I would also like them to receive an automatic email once a week that will give them tips on law school admissions and how to study for the LSAT. I will do this through ConvertKit.

My website doesn’t have an email address, however, and customer support at ConvertKit tells me it would be wise to create one through Cloudflare. I suppose I would like it to be

How would I go about doing this?

Thanks for your help!

Cloudflare does not offer email hosting, if you are looking for a business mailbox then I would look elsewhere. If you just want to forward emails from your domain to a personal mailbox then you could use Cloudflare Email Routing:

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