Registrar refuses to transfer domain

I have got the transfer code from my current domain registrar, but they refuse to do the transfer. They say I had to initiate the process 15. before the expiration date. I have not found anything like that in the ICANN documents. How can I know the exact status of the transfer process?

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Which domain are we talking about?

one of those is

One? I assume at this point we are only talking about .com domains.

To my knowledge there is no such restriction which would limit a transfer to 15 days before the expiration. should have more on that.

If your registrar imposes that they’d be - in my understanding - in violation of the transfer policies laid out by ICANN and you could file a complaint at

Even though I do not think so, there might be a slim chance that registrars might be allowed to add such restrictions in their terms of services and you should check that and - if it exists - verify this against the official ICANN policies.

However I am afraid there is not much more you can do at this point. You can file a complaint and wait for ICANN to respond, but at that point your domain would have already expired. So I’d renew it now with the current registrar.

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Registrars are not allowed to add additional terms/requirements with regards to transferring out.

But as noted it is unlikely that ICANN would respond in time. I’d contact the registrar directly and request they help or describe where in their ICANN agreement they find authorization to decline.

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I would assume so too, but I havent dug through the official terms, so I wouldnt want to state it with absolute certainty.

As far as I understand the OP already contacted the registrar, who then refused the transfer. It might be worth contacting them again and pointing out the ICANN terms, but if they already refused once there is a good chance they will stick to that (unless the OP was lucky enough to end up with one of those competent supporters :wink:).

@user9712, maybe contact them again and point out aforementioned terms, but be prepared to renew the domain and possibly also file a complaint.

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@sandro I will definitely send a complain. BTW, it’s - the registrar and they work with Domaincontext as fas as I understand the scheme. According to the whois data the domain is in “clienttransferprohibited” mode, don’t know why the have set it up like this.

The registrar of that domain is Domaincontext, not You were in contact with the former, right?

As for that status, that is normal when a domain is locked.

I guess is a partner of Domaincontext. I have reached out to Domaincontext now directly. Since I haven’t got any updates from that today.

They might be a reseller. If they refuse to comply with your request your best bet is to contact the actual registrar directly, before filing a complaint.

Is it possible to reassure that cloudflare has placed the transfer request? I have used the pin from dashboard and I am not sure, whether cloudflare verifies the transfer code somehow. I was sure that they actually do verify the code, because they’ve even charged my CC already.

It wouldnt really matter. As long as the domain has that status it cant be transferred. You first need to unlock it. Also, you said your registrar/reseller clearly stated they refuse the transfer.

If you havent talked to the registrar yet, that should be the first thing to do. Though at this point I’d rather renew with the current registrar.

I have contacted them already on the 5th November both - this and Domaincontext.

I have reached out to them (Domaincontext) in English, but they have answered in Russian.
I will post it here later, because it’s really annoying how they tried to bump me of to the new registrar.
e.g. “The only thing that the current registrar does is give out codes. The codes you received. All further questions should be directed to the registrar to whom you transfer domains”.

After that I have asked why my domains have the status “clientTransferProhibited”.

In the next Email they suddenly informed me that they have removed that status now and the transfer has started.

I’m quite outraged of the way how they are doing the business and talk with their clients.

But that suggests they are not refusing the transfer. What would the issue be then? Looks like a regular transfer then.

And yes, the domain is currently being transferred.

They tried to prevent the transfer, if that’s the better wording.

In which way? The status you mentioned is a normal status as I already mentioned.

They said the domain is ready to transfer and it was not (due to status). They also said I have to contact the new registrar cause it’s everything OK on their side.

I’d call this poor support rather than refusal or preventing the transfer. It seems the domain was simply locked and needed to be unlocked. Thats a standard procedure.

As for the transfer, check if your nameservers still point to Cloudflare after the completion of the transfer, as they sometimes get reset when the domain expires. In that case you will need to contact Cloudflare’s support.

Got it, thanks for the hint.

Now I have received the link to cancel the transfer, but the current registrar don’t want send me the links to speed up the process. Is that also OK or they don’t have to? According to cloudflare’s faq I can request the speed-up-the-transfer links from current registrar.