Registrar process: DNS should auto-update during transfer

PROBLEM: The hardest, most confusing and time-consuming part of the domain transfer process is the fact that customers are currently being forced to manually update the DNS at their old registrar, and not able to easily transfer the domains and then auto-update the DNS in the process/after.

SOLUTION: People should be able transfer their domains over without the extra DNS steps, and then once their domain is at Cloudflare, then the system should update the DNS for all of them, ideally with one click or automatically as they transfer in.

That is not part of the registrar process, that is part of adding a domain to Cloudflare and it is done to verify domain ownership.

In that model, how do you verify domain ownership? What prevents me from moving '` to my account if the domain owner no longer has to go through the “extra step” of changing nameservers?

That’s what the auth code is for, and domain locking. Other registrars don’t require the DNS step during transfer.

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Yes, changing the DNS is currently required before transferring the domain over to Cloudflare registrar is allowed. This is the problem – there’s no need for this and it’s extremely cumbersome.