Registrar not working?

I have 26 domains on Cloudflare, 24 of them already have Cloudflare as the registrar, so I know it worked in the past for me.

Today I tried to register a new .io domain that is available and it appears you can’t register a new .io with Cloudflare any longer? For example, try to register “” and you get a ton of other extensions that you can purchase, but not .io.

On the Transfer tab, it has nothing there either (before it would show my 24 domains already on Cloudflare Registrar and 2 that are unable to transfer. Now it shows 0 across the board.

Just trying to figure out if these are temporary/transient issues, or if Cloudflare Registrar is going away for some reason?

Trying to sort out if I should register the new .io elsewhere or not (2 of my existing domains are .io domains on Cloudflare Registrar already).

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I just ran into the same thing. A couple of weeks ago I tried to register a .io and I couldn’t do it through CF. I just tried again and still cannot either. Are .io temporary not working and will they be back?

Can’t work around it by registering somewhere else and then transferring in after 60 days since the Transfers tab doesn’t seem to be working either (for any extension). :confused:

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