Registrar menu usability

From a UX standpoint, the Registrar menu in the dashboard could be improved in a few key ways:

  1. When clicking “Manage” on a domain that’s been purchased with or transferred to Registrar, there is no button to return to the Registrar menu. The only “back” button is the “Back to [domain]” button, which takes the user to the full dashboard experience for that domain (and not the Registrar menu). There should probably be two buttons here, just to reduce the number of clicks that a user has to make to get back to their Registrar dashboard.
  2. In the “Transfer” menu, the “Cancel” button currently sends users back to the main menu for the account they’re viewing (instead of back to the Registrar dashboard). This behavior only causes for one extra click to get back to Registrar, but a cancel button should function as more of a “back” button.
  3. When clicking on the “Buy Domains” menu, the “Register domains” screen takes up the entire dashboard (except for the top/side navigation bar). It’s also not centered, rather justified left, with no content to the right to make this make sense. The screen lacks a “back” button, so, again, more clicks are required to navigate back to the Registrar menu. It might be good to turn this screen into something similar to the “Transfer” screen.

All of these are small annoyances that I’ve come across while exploring new Registrar features, and they don’t affect the functionality of Registrar as a service.

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Thanks for your feedback.

We have shared those with our Registrar team.

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