Registrar is not accepting the Cloudflare nameservers

hello, i wanted to use cloudlfare on i set up the domain in cloudflare and already got the cloudlfare nameservers, but my registrar is not accepting the nameservers

on other domains with other nameservers its working, so i think the problem is on the cloudlfare site. how can i fix this?
thank you in advance for your help.
best regards

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I’ve seen a similar issue with .dk (I do have a bit of a mental block on .dk and .de, so I could be confusing the two). Some registrars won’t let you set name servers until the new ones are authoritative for that domain.

I suggest you email: support AT cloudflare DOT com and ask if they can set up those name servers so your .de registrar will accept them. Be sure to post the ticket # here as soon as you get the auto-reply.

thank you for your reply. i will ask them. but i would like to understand why they are these problems. i have the feeling that this is only since the last month. i had used cloudlfare often before and never had any server errors or registrar errors. now i last time had error 50x (dont know the exact number, but the solution was to add a record - i think previously that was done automatically by cloudlfare…?) and now i also have this registar error often with different domains… its really strange.

It’s probably this, which is an issue with how the registry validates nameservers and doesn’t work with how Cloudflare assign them.

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