Registrar is Cloudflare. Hosting is Bluehost. I cannot access my site. DNS records?

I have tried for two weeks to resolve an issue. I am hosted with bluehosting, but cannot finish setting up my domain which is with cloudflare. They want me to change your nameservers, but I cannot, so I have tried other ways around it, but cannot find any solutions. Unless Cloudflare has any solutions, i’m afraid the only thing I can do is transfer my domain to another registrar. I have tried changing the DNS records, but still can’t access my website.

I have contacted bluehosting many times but they haven’t been able to help me. If you have a solution, I would be extremely grateful as i’d rather not move from cloudflare. I can’t even access my wordpress dashboard at the moment. I get “too many redirects”. Can someone look at my DNS records for me and help me see what’s wrong? Thankyou for your time.

You will have encryption currently disabled on Cloudflare. Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.


You, sir, are my hero. Here i’ve been scratching my head for two weeks, and you solved it in moments. Thankyou.

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