Registrar HELP

When moving my domain to Cloudflair, it got stuck in limbo it wont allow me to cancel the request get support or change contact information…

Hi @cgaits,

Are you still having an issue with this? If so, can you share the name of the domain here? is now stuck in limbo and will not transfer.

@domjh Hi is you can please look into for us, thank you in advance.

It looks like it still belongs to GoDaddy, but is pending. Have you asked if there’s anything they can do? It can usually be cancelled before the transfer by the origin registrar before it goes through.

It was with google domains, not with Godaddy maybe it’s whois problem

It is still with Google, but it shows as pendingTransfer. What do you see in your Cloudflare Dashboard regarding the transfer? Have you already been charged for it with Cloudflare?

Hi @domjh thanks for the quick reply, I get a Active Invalid date [Manage] INVALID DATE and they have NOT taken the money and I CANNOT cancel it.

Can you cancel it with Google then? I would imagine it will be them who need to cancel as it’s still with them.

You should be able to get Support here. Can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com from your account’s email address? The ticket will auto-close, but post the # here so we can see if Support can do something from this end.

Can you send a ticket to [email protected] and let me know the ticket number here? I will have this cancelled for you tomorrow, I already escalated this to the respective team. I will let you know here once this is done.


Good news, I just heard form the team that it has been cancelled at the Registry, but it may look to still be in progress in the dashboard.


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The domain, is still in Limbo in the Cloudflare transfer system, I was told by support it was deleted but if you look, it is still there with cancel not working at all… please advise me what what to do as it will expire in 12 days…

Warm regard from a cold place in Canada

The best advice I can give is to create a ticket and post the ID number here. In the meantime, are you moving this domain to cloudflare or from cloudflare to another provider?

No I am trying moving it from Google Domains to Cloudflare

Can you please guide me to where I can open a support ticket

You can always open tickets via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com. Make sure to explain the whole situation and then you should get an automated email with an ID on it.

The transfer should have been canceled at this end. How does it look at Google’s end? Can you renew it at Google? At this point, that’s your safest option.