Registrar gets error "Got SERVFAIL reply from x.x.x.x "

Hi, My Registrar is trying to change my NS records, but gets the error:

“Got SERVFAIL reply from”

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks, Paul

Thats a question for the South African organisation that nameserver belongs to.

Whats the domain?

My ISP is Afrihost(.com).

According to, my registrar is

My domain is

I thought I was technically minded, but a it out of my depth here.

Thanks for the quick reply,


Also, my current NS is and (if that helps).



That domain looks all right. You currently have two more nameservers set than those you mentioned, but that shouldnt make a difference.

I assume you wanted to set laura and neil, right? I am afraid your registrar needs to clarify why they cant set those nameservers. That shouldnt really require any DNS lookups anyhow.

Thanks Sandro,

I’ve fired it back to them with your question.

My understanding is that they just needed to change the ‘value’ part of the NS record.

Anyway - thanks again, and I’ll mark it is resolved on here.



Thats my understanding as well.

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