Registrar for non-enterprise

I’d love to see Cloudflare’s registrar product available for non-enterprise customers. Most registrars are awful for numerous reasons I imagine you are aware of. And it would make it be nice to be able to get a new domain on Cloudflare in one step. This would also let me be able to recommend Cloudflare to my relatively non-technical friends who don’t have the skills to register in one place and then move their nameservers over. Thanks for considering!

I tend to use Google Domains whenever possible, but would love to have that offering from Cloudflare.

I tried buying a .it domain, all the registrars are terrible. No DNSSEC, bad (and I mean really bad) UI, even worse security (some do not even allow password changes and send you the password via email).

The TLD only got a DS record in November. They might not allow it yet.

Yeah on that you are probably right, but still it remains an issue (not of the specific registrar at this point)…

Found this online though

Cloudflare Registrar is now available on non-enterprise plans: