Registrar fetches wrong NS from Cloudflare?



Hi! Just wondering why my registrar is fetching the wrong NS?

It’s meant to be pointing at &, according to cloudflare’s Complete your nameserver setup, though, when I try to add these nameservers, it wants me to add & instead?

The domain is

Best, Mads Cordes



I can see that your current name servers are:

When you add you domain to Cloudflare, it will fetch these name servers and will ask you to replace all these with the ones they provide. Change these Nameservers from the Domain Control Panel and your ask CloudFlare to verify. That’s it :slight_smile:


Thats a common issue with .dk domains as its registry attempts to validate the domains.

The problem at hand is that your domain appears to be already active on another Cloudflare account (which has lee and nina associated). Can you use that other account instead? If not, can you at least access it and remove the domain from it?

If none of that works your only option will be to contact your registrar or the Danish registry and ask them to forcibly push the new nameservers. Alternatively, you can ask Cloudflare’s support but that will require some verification process to prove you are the rightful owner of the domain.


Problem is, I’m still getting the old cloudlfare NS’s whenever trying to re-add these new NS?


Okay, thanks! I’ve contacted DK-Hostmaster, though, they’re not at the office today and of course, they’re closed on weekends. Could you please point me to cloudflare’s support?

Best, Mads Cordes


Also, that user has been removed, so I sadly cannot :confused:



Thanks a heck load! :smiley:

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