Registrar Doesn't Let Me Modify Nameservers

Hey there,

My registrar doesn’t let me change the name servers for my domain from Route 53. Is there still a way I can use Cloud Flare?


Apparently I should be able to use a CNAME?

Hi @Billy67, you can use a cname setup on enterprise plans. This subject has come up a few times in the last few weeks and I suspect you’ll get a bit of feedback along the lines of “change to a registrar that will allow custom name servers”.

I’d tend to agree with that, but did find this info online that may keep you with route 53:

“… when you’re using AWS Route 53 you may notice that your Name servers get reset back to AWS ones in couple of days. This is due to fact that Route 53 has 2 places where you need to configure NS. Most of us configure the NS in “Hosted Zones” But you also need to go to your Registered Domains, click the domain you want to modify, and then Add/Edit the name servers there.” Copied from, I’ve not verified the accuracy but if it works for you, please post back and let us know.

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Thanks Ill look into it and respond back!

Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to test the solution as my registrar (which is a person using route 53) doesn’t want to use Cloudflare name servers, and I don’t have $200 a month to pay for the business + plan which has custom name servers.

Thanks again for your help!

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Your registrar, a person? Can you post the domain? I am pretty sure it is possible to change the nameservers.

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Yeah… What sort of garbage registrar wouldn’t allow users to change the nameservers?

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