Registrar dashboard notices should be conditional

Here is the prominent dashboard notice that urges Cloudflare users to join the queue for the Registrar feature:

It should not be appearing for users who have already signed up. As the roll-out has been delayed, this notice creates anxiety by suggesting that the user has somehow lost their “place in line”. I am confident that a significant % of users who have already signed up nervously press that button, just to check, every time they log into their dash.

For users who have already signed up for the queue, there should either be no notice OR a different notice should appear there, confirming that they are in Wave whatever and stating the current E.T.A. for that wave.

Users with more than 20 sites (presumably a significant % of users) should not be seeing the “Claim your place in line” notice at all, as the feature is broken for those users.

There is no point in those users joining the queue until a fix is imminent - Sam Rhea, the Product Manager for Cloudflare Registrar, has stated that they will address the issue by around the end of the month, probably with a Bulk Transfer feature that will act as a workaround even for single domain transfers, but that could well be delayed as they have many more immediate problems to deal with.

Here is the notice that appears for users who have already been given the Registrar feature:

Again, this should also be made conditional so that it does not appear for users with more than 20 sites in Cloudflare because it is a frustrating reminder of a service we very much wanted but cannot use.

Both of these notices are obviously intended to communicate with and reassure users but, by not taking into account the status of the specific account (not yet signed-up OR already signed-up OR more than 20 sites, so, unable to use the feature) in many cases they only serve to constantly undermine the user’s sense of Cloudflare’s competence.

Would like to note that the issue with more than 20 domains is not intentional:

Setting up the UI to not show the transfer button would be useless as a fix will probably be out before wave 1 is started (hopefully).

As for the “place in line” issue, my guess is that your wave number is not actually claimed by going to the domains page, but is a pre-calculated number based on how many domains you have, when you created your CF account, etc. and clicking the “claim” button just notes that you do want to test out the registrar. This is just my guess, maybe it does calculate your wave based on how many accounts before you have already claimed, but I doubt it based on how the blog post was worded.

Nothing in my post suggested it was intentional. I actually quoted from Sam’s comment right there in the post. You must have missed that bit.

That does not make sense. Wave 1 has already started as a gradual roll-out, and the full cohort are expected to have access before the end of this month. Meanwhile, as Sam has stated, they will not even start thinking about a fix for the >20 problem until the end of the month. An actual fix will take longer. It is entirely likely that all the waves will be finished before users with more than 20 sites can transfer over any domains.

So, no, it would not be “useless” to make a minor UI change in order to avoid tens of thousands of customers receiving mixed messages and swamping support. Note that Cloudflare are already using conditional logic to decide which of the current two notices to display in this position.

What you have written has no connection with the point I was making: people who already have their place in line are being shown a notice urging them to get their place in line every time they log into their dash, giving the impression that they may somehow no longer have their place in line.

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True for me, I claimed twice and there is no link at top of dashboard to check your wave position. Really would help if the “Claim your place in line” banner was replaced with wave # and a link to

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