Registrar Dash Ticket - Please provide NS to add to my domain registrar (


Im having an issue adding a new domain:

Please provide NS to add to my domain registrar so i can add my site on Cloudflare (

I was told by the registrar that they dont provide any kind of hosting and since the domain is new, it doesnt propagate as it would with known hosting registrars such as godaddy. godaddy for example provides hosting and their servers their servers are all over the internet for a while now.

What can we do in this case? They told me this is the standard procedure they follow.



No, your site needs to resolve before you add it to Cloudflare and get nameservers.


Thank you for your email.

I told them this as the registration took place over a month ago and when i told them that the domain hasnt propagated yet, they insisted that i need to change the NS on their side to point to Cloudflare and then add the website.

What do i do now?



I’m afraid this is incorrect. You need working DNS in order to add the website, then you will be given the nameservers to change to.

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