Registrar Dash Ticket - I moved my domain to Cloudflare and I want to point it to a new hosting

I moved my domain to Cloudflare and whois record shows they are the registrar. Now I want to point the domain to a new hosting. How can I do this without deleting all the dns records and creating them again as they are in my new hosting?

What do you mean by hosting? If web hosting then you can add the DNS records to Cloudflare. If you want external DNS then you have to move your domain out of Cloudflare.

Shared Web hosting,

I see so i need to delete the old DNS records and create all new ones?

Either edit the ones you have or remove and re-add them. You can do this through the dashboard or API.

If the provider will export a BIND file with the DNS records then Cloudflare can also import that.

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