Registrar Dash Ticket - External NS Record Issues

Having issues with adding external NS Records. I want to add my external NS and I have but won’t populating at all. Any ideas. NS servers are up but upon using Whois. The domain still shows NS for cloudflare only

Are you trying to use those other NS records for handing DNS for your entire domain?

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Kinda sorta. I want to use these NS for Internal Side Out.

WHOIS is only showing you the main name servers for your root domain.

Any NS records you set to delegate subdomains elsewhere would show up at

Looked at both and they are the same NS records I have added ain’t there

Without knowing the domain, and the subdomain you want to delegate, we can not offer specific advice.

Well records are not quite easy to share especially since I’m using a internal proxy as well. So everything is in cnames while www and the domain point to a IP. Only records that I need help with are the Name Server Records.

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