Registrar Dash Ticket - domain not connecting to hosting: I registered new domain on Cloudflare and added CNAME records given by hosing co. yet domain not connecting

I purchased a new domain on Cloudflare and added CNAME records as given by my hosting company. The domain is still not connecting. The hosting company support person reviewed all my Cloudflare settings and said I did it correctly. He asked me to get support from Cloudflate to see why it is not connecting.

I have a domain from another registrar which I have added to Cloudflare with no problems (changed Name servers on the registrar’s page to NSs given by Cloudflare using the exact same CNAME records for my hosting company).

I would appreciate help :-).

Much thanks!

What’s the domain?

Sorry, I just typed the domain but what appeared in the post is my hosting company’s ad…

the domain is: heinbrik[dot]com

I suggest you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview tab for your domain at The link is in the lower right corner of that page. Give it five minutes to take effect, then make sure site is working as expected with HTTPS. Only then should you un-pause Cloudflare and double-check your SSL/TLS setting to make sure it’s Full (Strict).

Hi, I followed your suggestion.
When Cloudflare is enabled (either with Full or Full(strict) SSL) I get the response n.1 from my hosting c.
When Cloudfalre is paused (before or after enabling Full (strict) SSL) I get the response n.2.
Still not able to connect it to a website.


This is the hosting response 2 (when Cloudflare is paused:

I understand @sdayman’s advice was pretty clear.

So not sure why your domain is already unpaused.

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BTW, my hosting company asks (in their standard setup video) that the SSL be set as Full…

True…I’ll go back to my hosting provider and ask…

Hi, everything is working well now.
Thanks again!

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