Registrar Dash Ticket - cloudflare is blocking my site, it cant get rest api for coingecko crypto prices,

i think cloudflare is blocking my site’s rest API. it cant get rest api for coingecko crypto prices,

i have a wordpress site and i have the plugin pl8app which lets me accept crypto from binance smart chain in shopping cart. well when i try to checkout i get an error saying

** Something went wrong.*
Failed in getting binancecoin rate (USD) from , please try again.

the pl8app admin talked to his developers and they said that cloudflare is blocking the rest api that their plugin uses to get the crypto current price using coingecko api.

so if cloudflare will stop blocking my ip address (since the coingecko api runs through cloudflare) then my site should work again. im not sure why cloudflare would have blocked my site, the pl8app dev said maybe i had a bot on my site i dont as far as i know.

If your requests to coingecko api are being blocked by Cloudflare then you need to work with the admins of the API to get yourself whitelisted.

ok so its using the pl8app plugin, so since they said its coingecko’s api i need to go to coingecko i guess. but pl8app thought it was something cloudflare could do. thanks i’ll contact coingecko

well i went to coingecko and the help section after signing up. i dont see anything there that talks about the api problem. they didnt seem to have a way to contact them for help. on their twitter they have a link to but when i go there, i cant fill out their support form. i dont know how to contact them

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