Registrar billing error (money taken, refunded), no invoice or history

This seems to be an issue since cloduflare registrar consolidated payments and billing/invoices;

:heavy_check_mark: On 7th Feb, multiple domains renewed as expected
:heavy_check_mark: On 8th Feb, $146.72 taken, invoice issued
:x: On 9th Feb, $52.40 taken, no invoice, no entry in the Cloudflare dashboard invoice section
:heavy_check_mark: On 14th Feb, domain renewed, payment taken, no invoice emailed, but availabe in the dashboard
:question: On 16th Feb, $52.50 refunded to my payment method. No email, no trace of this in dashboard.

So, while Cloudflare did detect the error and refund me; I did not. I have many Cloudflare payments and invoices due to having a large domain portfolio, that I have just assumed that they have been correct up until now.

If they had not refunded me, I probably would never have noticed and would have lost this money.

What I would like, is an explanation of what happened and ideally, some sort of invoice that shows what happened as I will need to account for this in my own accounts when reporting my taxes.

Thank you.

This is still ongoing

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As this is a Billing Issue @Laurie can help you with this

Hi @Rocketesta,
Registrar works differently in the system than other products, as the registrar team will do a preauthorization on requests and then submit the order, upon successful confirmation of the order the charges are posted to your account and an invoice generated, however, when unsuccessful they are not added to the account and are refunded by the registrar team. As far as the renewals, I would recommend sending a ticket to [email protected].

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