Registrant contact change pending

I bought a new domain name from Cloudflare two months ago and fill a wrong contact email address. It cause can’t completed email verfied.

Yesterday evening, the Cloudflare dns stop resolver my domain and icann status is serverHold .

Today , I try to update Registrant contact with a new valid email adrees. but there are has a problem. Cloudflare for security reason, it will send a approve mail to old and new email address. the two email was approved , the new contact email will be change.

I can’t login old email. because the old email is wrong address.

How can it do next?

About tow month ago , i bought a domain in Cloudflare and add doamin record to Cloudflare dns system . that is all good.

yesterday evening, system feedback dns resolver error. i try query my domain name through google public dns. that is show some error.

“Status”: 3 /* NXDOMAIN /,
“TC”: false,
“RD”: true,
“RA”: true,
“AD”: false,
“CD”: true,
“Question”: [
“name”: “451zone.”,
“type”: 1 /
A /
“Authority”: [
“name”: “uk.”,
“type”: 6 /
SOA */,
“TTL”: 1800,
“data”: “dns1-nic-uk-hostmaster-nic-uk 1406757750 7200 900 2419200 10800”
“Comment”: “Response from”

at the same time, i am already try to use command line nslookup tools and resolver the 451zone-uk domain name. it is feedback same error. NXDOMAIN

but, i check the Cloudflare dashborad and icann office website abou my own domain name . that domain info all is right.

I don’t know how to fixed it.

That domain is suspended by Nominet, which runs .uk domains. It looks like they have a problem with your contact information.

    Data validation:
        Nominet was not able to match the registrant's name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 06-Sep-2022

    Registration status:
        Registered until expiry date.
        *** This registration has been SUSPENDED. ***

They would have sent multiple emails before suspending the domain. At this point you need to either update your contact information to something Nominet likes, or contact Nominet if you feel it’s already correct.

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Thank your reply.

should i verify the register contact info in my email link?

after then , waitting Cloudflare approved it?

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Clean up the registrar issue, and the Cloudflare portion will start working on its own. How you do that is between you and your registrar.

I have change the new contact email address, and the Cloudflare send the confirm mail to me. i am click email verfiry link. is it waiting Cloudflare administrator approve?

I had to change to new email. I found Cloudflare will send a verfiy mail to new and old email address. And the two email must approve.

But My old register contract email is out of expire.

How to fix the stauts?

The couldflare help document

Changing email contact

If the registrant contact update also includes a change to the email address, Cloudflare sends a second approval email to the new (requested) email address. Both the old (original) email address and the new one have to approve the change for the change to be successfully completed.

Only the current registrant may opt out of the transfer lock, however. The approval page for the new registrant will not include the option to opt out.

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