Registrant changes not effected

I have updated contact details on a .uk domain, but the changes haven’t been incorporated. The registration has reverted to the previous details. I clicked the acknowledgement in the email, as did the new contact.

Hi there- Do you have a ticket open with us or can I have your domain name so I can look further?

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Fairly sure the registrant can only be changed by nominet via their interface and it costs £12+VAT.

Confusingly, this is still refered to as domain transfer, the same wording registrars use when changing the IPSTag, but it is a different process to legally transfer the ownership of a .uk domain.

I have tried opening a ticket but recently some tickets get closed without any meaningful response.

I use a couple of registrars and they both appear to have mechanisms to effect changes. I get emails asking to confirm the changes as does the new registrant. But after a few days nothing happens and the contact details revert.

Please share the relevant ticket number here.


Some of the domain details I was trying to change do now seem to have “stuck”. There’s one that’s proving difficult. I’ve change the name and address field, but there’s a problem with the email address. I’ve clicked “Resend email” but received nothing.


I replied to the ticket since we found that the request to update the information was cancelled, it has to be initiated again and once approved by the parties, we will escalate to our Registrar team (if needed).

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