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Is there a way to register a root domain that looks like a subdomain? (it says subdomain).

I am afraid your question is not clear. All domains are “sub-domains”.

What exactly do you want to achieve? If you are saying you own the domain and want to have a mydomain record, then that won’t be a sub-domain in the first place and, secondly, yes you can simply add that record and point it to wherever you like.

Hi Sandro,

I own (i cant register with Cloudflare).

I do not own like

So your question is if you can add domains (or records) which are not registered under public domain suffixes?

If so, then no I am afraid. This would require an Enterprise plan and would not even work with a CNAME setup.

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I guess has not yet been added to the

public domain. appears to be registered all right, but you won’t be the owner of that domain. For everything else → my previous response

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You can talk to the owners of and ask them to include their domain at In that case you will be able to add your domain.

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