Registering my domain

I’ve registered a domain and checked it via WHOIS, it says it is registered and pointing to Cloudflare nameservers. but in my Cloudflare account it still waiting for nameserver updates.
anyone had similar problem?

What is your domain?

That domain does not appear to be registered.

$ whois
The queried object does not exist: DOMAIN NOT FOUND

$ dig
status: NXDOMAIN

that is from the website that Cloudflare in the first step of registeration suggested to check registeration with.

The domain in the screenshot ( is different from the one you sent ( The domain you registered has “world” misspelled as “wolrd”.

I assume you are attempting to add to your Cloudflare account, which is not the domain you registered.


Ah I didn’t notice that.
It appears I registered a misspelled domain.
Thanks for your help.

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