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We are in the process of registering a DotGov.Gov domain and it’s needs the nameservers. I can’t add the domain to Cloudflare because it’s not a registered domain yet. I reached out to DotGov support and they stated that they had many customer that use Cloudflare and that Cloudflare Support would have to manually add the domain and A record for the domain. I tried to initiate a support request but it sends me to the community.

Here is a community post on the exact same issue and a support rep took over the issue from the community post.

Open a ticket via email and they can get that started: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Post the ticket # here as soon as you get the autoreply. If you do it quick enough, @tobi is online now and can probably take a look at that ticket.


@sdayman Thank you very much for that information!
@tobi here is the support case number: #2350455 (they didn’t like the email that I sent from so had to send another and create another case: #2350465)

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Can you go ahead and verify the account you would like us to add the domain to on the ticket? I have re-opened the ticket and responded with the request.

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@BradN I have gone ahead and added the domain to your account and responded to the ticket. This should now be resolved once you add the nameservers as directed.

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