Registering domain for clickfunnels


Hey everyone,
I wanted to know if I can get some help configuring my domain.
I need to transfer my domain ( from Shopify so I can register a subdomain that will be managed with clickfunnels…
any help with that?


There are a number of ClickFunnel Q?A’s here you might wan to have a peak.


Didn’t help
I dont see a reason why it should be this complicated.
and I cant contact cloudflare normally cause they dont have support


You are already on the Cloudflare Registrar. I really don’t see the question…

Do you need help configuring a subdomain? Do you have issues with Shopify?


No the issue is that Im following all the instructions from clickfunnels and cloudflare and it dose not seems to work
all I need is to configure a subdomain like to be the domain for the clickfunnels


Have you followed this? It seems pretty straightforward.


well this is a guide to make as the domain for clickfunnels - I dont need this beacuase this domain is already taken for another uses

I have this site - which im gonna use for blog SEO etc
and I want to create another url - something like - - which will serve for the clickfunnels domain!

and i’ve already tried the next step…


The thing I am missing here: what exactly is Cloudflare’s part on this. You have added the CNAME, they don’t like it, shouldn’t you ask them?


they told me to contact cloudflare…


They told me to check it from your end too
so as it seems I cant resolve this issue here?


First you would need to have that subdomain configured as it should be and then we will discuss potential problems…