Registering and Managing Nameservers with Cloudflare

Hello all. I apologize in advance if I have missed a tutorial or something easy with this. First off, I love the fact Cloudflare has brought on domain name registration. I have brought over many domain names already and plan to bring over another batch in the next couple of weeks. Around 100 domains in all but will be 100% Cloudflare registered from now on.

My question is, what is the proper way to register public nameservers with the domains you have registered withCloudflare? With other registrars, DirectNIC, Dotster,, DynaDot, GoDaddy, and so on, they have an area or link within their domain management dashboard usually with the title of “Register Nameservers,” or “Add Hostname,” or “Register a domain name server,” etc… After clicking into the area/link, you are brought to a separate DNS registration form where you publically register nameservers (,,, etc…) you want to create with your domain name. You would enter the hostname (, then the IP address, and click submit to publically register a pointable hostname nameserver.

I cannot find anything like this with Cloudflare. I cannot find any documentation that directs me to the proper way of handling this with a domain name registered with Cloudflare.

Thank you for any help with this.

That’s the snag. Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t let you use third party name servers…yet. (ToS 7.2)

Thank you sdayman for the fast (as usual) response confirming what I had pretty much come to the conclusion of. Haven’t moved domains in years and one domain in the last batch transfer is used for the hostnames and nameservers on a couple of production servers with clients on it. My mistake as it was the one thing forgotten on the pre-transfer checklist. :unamused:

I am pretty sure I have a workaround using DNSMadeEasy, but set up an alt domain for the time being still with my current registrar and if all else fails, can use it until Cloudflare brings this feature online. Thanks again.

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