Registering a new domain?

I have read through the documentation under the developers Registrar About:

There is no link to go to where I can register a new domain. Am I missing something?

I see:

“When your domain is registered with Cloudflare, Zone Overview will display a card that provides details about your registration.” But where do I register a domain?

I see:

“When you register a domain, you become the owner, or registrant, for that domain for a set period of time.” … “When you put your site behind Cloudflare, you change your nameservers at your registry to ones we provide.”
Register a domain how? Put your site behind how? Via transfer?

Can I only transfer in a domain I already own somewhere else? If not, what is the URL of the page I can go to in order to register a new domain?

thanx - ray

Precisely. Right now you cant register domains, only transfer them.

At this time, it’s only open to existing domains in your Cloudflare account. You’d have to register somewhere else, then after the 90 (60?) days, you can transfer it to Cloudflare. Then Cloudflare will just add an extra year onto your registration.

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