Registered Scam Sites

Good Evening!

Cloudflare is a common registrar for sites, and through the WHOIS website I have sadly discovered that a few scam sites are registered by your system. The sites are used by a Call Center group who, unsuprisingly by now, forces some people to give them their phone numbers to make them deposit their money, never to get it back.

The sites in question are the following:

Check for more accurate details, since some of the sites (glaremarkets) have been tailored to look valid by fake reviewers.

The personell running these sites use their time to call people once a day for persuasion and have been doing so for up to two months. They also use call scripts to see if a mobile phone works. They use VoIP.

The sites seem to be registered with the help of Mainreg Inc, who takes payment in bitcoin, so no surprise there.

Hope I am of help!

Scammers and scumbags are everywhere, unfortunately. Cloudflare can only do so much to prevent it, if you want to have these looked into, you should reach out to: Abuse form | Cloudflare | The web performance & security company

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