Registered my first domain but realized the term was only for 1 year how to change it to 10 years?

I registered my first domain but realized just after purchase that the term was only for 1 year, and that renewing in future years would cost more than doing it as a flat purchase of 10 years as a one time purchase, how do I now to change that purchase to be for a 10 year domain so that I’m not charged so much extra for renewals going forward? The 1 year valid domain purchase was charged about 2 hours ago and is still pending on my credit card / PayPal. I want to purchase the domain as a one time 10 year purchase, and not extend the 1 year that I purchased today to add 9 years to it, which costs about $11 more. I did create a ticket (using submit a ticket method on the website) for this as # 2783050 and after that, according to some community post suggestions that I read, sent a separate email to [email protected], which created a ticket but the response in that emailed ticket was that [email protected] can no longer be utilized for these type of requests. I have not utilized the domain yet for anything and the purchase is only a couple hours old. I hope to get a resolve for this where I can have them change my purchase from the existing $3.16 for a 1-year valid domain to $31.60 for a 10-year valid domain instead, without A. having to lose the domain, B. without having to pay so much extra every year which was something I did not realize until I made the 1-year purchase, I thought renewals would be the same price every year but that is NOT the case I found out a minute later after buying it. I would hope that the team is understanding to this change request.

The price I did not realize (until after the purchase was made today) goes higher for subsequent renewals beyond the first year, so to be clear I just want to change my already purchased 1-year valid domain (purchased some hours ago today) to a 10-year valid domain single purchase. I realize that I can add multiple years on at any point to my existing purchase but the price is much higher if I do that now to extend the years, versus if I could just repurchase the domain as a 10-year valid domain one time (the first time). The problem is that I can’t just repurchase the same domain again to get that additional savings as a 10-year valid domain instead of as a 1-year valid domain. I have not seen a reply yet to my ticket # 2783050 for this. Can someone assist?

Where do you see this?

I’m seeing that higher price for renewal (even if I want to add one more year to my 1-year purchased term that was created / purchased today) in 'Domain Registrations > Manage Domains > choose your domain, then click Manage, and there you will see a ‘Renew/Extend Domain’ dialog (remember I purchased accidently for a 1 year term, that was before not realizing that the price for renewing each year adds exactly $1 to the renewal price compared to the 1 year term price which was $3.16 ($3.16 was my total price paid today for a 1 year term domain), now a few hours later after that was purchased the new value shows as $4.16 to renew for a second year, so basically to renew each year adds $1 to the total price at this point, and recall that I just want to have a 10 year valid domain as opposed to a 1 year valid domain, and I want to pay you guys more up front right now to do that!):

The left side of the screenshot shows me trying to add 1 year of added term to my existing domain that was purchased today (1-year term). And the right side of the screenshot shows me selecting that I want to add 9 years to my existing 1 year valid term (that was just purchased today) and the price equates to $37.44 USD (on top of the $3.16 USD that I paid already today for the 1 year term for the same domain, sorry it will only let me attach one “media” asset / screenshot as a new user so I combined the two purchased into a single screenshot showing the pricing for 1 year renewal and 9 year renewal, to extend my 1 year valid domain purchase from today):

But you must recall that I’ve already paid $3.16 for my .win domain today, that was purchased today as a 1-year valid domain, so in that case the total that I would have to pay out of pocket right now would be $40.60 USD, which means that I have to pay an additional $9.00 USD in the end if I want to extend my domain to be 10 years valid, as opposed to if I had known about the renewal pricing being higher initially, the total would have been $30.66. You can confirm it with any ‘.win’ domain to register at Cloudflare Registrar, the total will be $30.66 USD for 10 years with the single one-time purchase. I know some may not think this is a big deal but I’m just trying to get the simplest and cheapest certificate to apply to my one hosted item and so every dollar counts. I don’t think it is fair to lock in like this if I want to add more and did not realize about the renewal price (which was not evident up front, at least that was easy to see that showed the renewal price, I just assumed the price would be $3.16 for future renewals for 1 year more as I read elseware that Cloudflare does not artificially inflate prices). Most service related companies would be able to accomodate a change request like this, if it was a recent purchase from the same day that the phone call (I tried phone call it says you can’t call in for non-business account issues like domain registrar items) or if a ticket was created right away for an issue like mine.

The Cloudflare support team reached out in my ticket with a possible resolution to my problem, let’s see how that goes. I will reply back if it was successful.

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Registering and maintaining domain names usually group in three (3) different prices:

  • Registration
  • Renewal/Extend
  • Transfer

All three groups tend to vary a lot.

The typical thing to see, is that registration would be (often a lot) cheaper than both renewals/extensions, as well as transfers.

Which is correct. You have just taken one year, for the domain’s initial registration.

Anything next from that will never be the registration price, but the “renewal” price.

3.16 x 1 - registration 1 year
4.16 x 9 - renewal 9 years

That gives 40.60 to me, which would be the correct price for registering the domain for 1 year, then renewing it for 9 additional years.

With 30.66, no.

If we can agree to add roughly one dollar on top of that, e.g. ending up on $31.60 (10 * 3.16 = 31.60), I can confirm that it looks like I can make an initial registration at that price, being valid for 10 years, but that thing mandates it all to be paid up front (e.g. in one transaction), or as a “single one-time purchase”, to use your words.

Anything after the initial registration is no longer a “registration”, but now counting as a “renewal” (and therefore, with the actual “renewal” price).

It would be the same no matter if we’re only just talking about one single second, or four months after the initial registration.

Same would apply on any other domain registrar.

Four weeks ago, on April 8, 2023, I responded over here:

Does domain renew price stay consistent for .win TLD? ($3.16)

I can find records of the above mentioned price being the same / consistent, at least since September, 2022.

So I am not personally very optimistic, about Cloudflare (or any other registrars) to be accommodating your request, for a situation like what has been mentioned here.

I am very happy to hear that!

Please let the Community know about any status update you may have, even if it was unsuccessful.

All that being said, and even with my lack of optimism, I still want to wish you good luck!


The Cloudflare team resolved this issue for me today. I will have to be very careful in the future with reading about all of the pricing and terms beforehand. Thanks to all that replied to this post.