Registered domain through Cloudflare, can't find it's DNS information

Hey all, sorry if this is really basic stuff but I recently purchased/registered a domain through Cloudflare, selected the free hosting and unlike the tutorials I’ve seen posted, in the DNS settings, it did not autopopulate and asks me to set an a, aaaa, or cname record to continue.

The problem is I can’t find this information anywhere on my account and if I use the ip address I get looking up the nameservers I get an error saying something like, “this is a Cloudflare ip.”

What an I doing wrong here? Thanks for your patience.

Hi @user19471,

On a regular setup, Cloudflare scans your old nameservers for common records, it can’t do that when the records point to Cloudflare as they do when you register a domain directly here.

You should get the required records from your web host and add them in your Cloudflare dashboard or see if they can provide a file for you to import:

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Thanks for the information. I think this is where I’m confused. I had assumed that Cloudflare was my webhost, since I registered/bought the domain using them. If it’s not them, how do I go about finding out who that webhost is?

It’s whoever you’re paying to host your website. If you don’t have a website, you’ll need to shop around for a host.

Ahhhh I get it, I had assumed Cloudflare was also a webhost. Thanks for the information!

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